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12 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 for a while. I will take an ancillary position in the chapter and continue to support the organi- zation, as I feel this is an important organiza- tion to the designers in the local area. During the welcome at the keynote address, I announced that I was going to step down as president and that I am endorsing Randy. Then, I introduced Randy, and he came up to the podium and gave the PCB Carolina open- ing announcements. We will hold chapter elec- tions for all the officer positions at our January meeting, and this will make it official. Shaughnessy: Randy, do you think you're go- ing to take the job? It sounds like it's there if you want it. Randy Faucette: I'm not opposed to the role. I've been an officer with the Designers Coun- cil for 15 years. I've had the treasurer position for 14 years, and I became the vice president last year. For the past decade, it seems like there have only been three or four of us, and we've sort of rotated the officer positions. The chapter officers all rise to the occasion and do what needs to be done, so it's a team effort. Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 At PCB Carolina 2019, I met with Tony Cosentino and Randy Faucette, both with Bet- ter Boards (a PCB design and engineering ser- vices company in Cary, North Carolina). They are also two leaders of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) Chapter of the IPC Designers Coun- cil and founders of PCB Carolina. I asked them to give us an update on this rapidly growing show and some of the changes going on at the RTP Designers Council chapter. Andy Shaughnessy: Tony, I heard that you are now the outgoing president of the RTP Design- ers Council Chapter. Tony Cosentino: I have been the president of the RTP IPC Designers Council Chapter for 11 years. I spoke with Randy at work and told him that 11 years is going to be the end of it. Maybe in a few years, if we feel like the chapter needs me to jump back into the leadership role, I can. But for now, I think that we need to switch cap- tains of the boat and have somebody else steer PCB Carolina Show Continues to Grow Tony Cosentino Randy Faucette

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