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JANUARY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 15 (Attendee slaps Tony on the back: I love you guys!) Shaughnessy: People come up and tell you they love you. I don't see that at other shows. Cosentino: We seem to have a pretty good rec- ipe for this, and it's running pretty well. Even now that the show is over, the attendees are gone, but all the volunteers are still here, help- ing. Cosentino: And the McKimmon Center is ideal for our event and continuing education. The support McKimmon Center provides is beyond anything we have found anywhere else. It is absolutely the perfect location for our event. Faucette: It's a good formula and a great venue for the event. Cosentino: The Keynote address was on IoT and was held in the cafeteria with breakfast to accommodate the large crowd. IoT is the wave of the future; it is the fourth industrial revolution, so that was a great kickoff for PCB Carolina. The attendees can stay all day be- cause we provide lunch and an evening recep- tion with beer, wine, hors d'oeuvres, and two grand prizes. We feed and educate attendees and give them access to vendors they want to see. It's a reunion each year, and everyone wants to be here. Shaughnessy: It's funny because I see people here that I don't see at other trade shows. Do you think you get a lot of people who don't travel to other shows? Faucette: We are the only electronics trade show in a 300-mile radius. Many folks drive 2–3 hours and have access to all that PCB Car- olina offers. I'm sure we bring in many folks that would otherwise need a large travel bud- get and a several-day commitment to attend one of the other shows. We had an interesting entertainment exhibit this year from the Virginia International Race- way. The VIR offers a formula racing experi- ence. You can race on their track by renting their formula cars or ride in your car with a professional and go around a live track. They brought a simulator here today and raffled off a couple of experiences at their track in Virgin- ia, which was very well-received. There was always a line of people there. Shaughnessy: It looked realistic. Is there any- thing else you'd like to discuss? Cosentino: We'll start planning for PCB Caroli- na 2020, and exhibitor registration will open in February. The chapter work never stops; you think you're finished, but it just resets. Shaughnessy: And it can be hard to keep a chapter active. Faucette: Six months can go by in a hurry if you haven't done anything, and you can lose peo- ple and momentum. Life and work get busy. It takes effort to keep it going. Cosentino: The only way to keep a chapter ac- tive is to engage them constantly, and if you stop having meetings that people want to at- tend, it will die. What keeps the momentum going is the involvement of the people in the chapter. Shaughnessy: I think the designers feel a con- nection with you both. Congratulations, and best of luck as the new president, Randy. Faucette: Thanks for the support. Cosentino: I know it's no small effort to attend. We appreciate it. DESIGN007 What keeps the momentum going is the involvement of the people in the chapter.

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