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50 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 Calls to Action At the highest level, IPC will be emphasizing several key themes. Elevating the Industry's Excellence Through Government Policy Our overall theme this year is "Elevating the Excellence of Electronics," and one of the ways IPC does that is through our govern- ment relations work. Because the electron- ics supply chain is so important to so many other industries and national economies, IPC is calling on governments worldwide to enact policies that enable a thriving, innova- tive electronics supply chain. Some nations and blocs, led by China and the European Union, are pursuing ambitious industrial pol- icy programs with a view toward dominat- ing 21 st -century technologies. Others, led by the United States, are taking a more market- driven approach. While we can debate which approach works best, there is no doubt that all nations have an interest in staying ahead of the megatrends that are shaping tomor- row's economy, including Industry 4.0, auto- mation, cyber threats, 3D printing, and the Feature by Chris Mitchell IPC—ASSOCIATION CONNECTING ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES This year's IPC APEX EXPO is going to be especially interesting for anyone interested in government policies that affect the electronics industry and what IPC is doing to influence them. Your IPC Government Relations team is preparing a variety of activities to educate and engage you on these issues. IPC places a high priority on government relations because there are so many public policy debates that have huge impacts on our members, from trade and tariffs to environ- mental regulations, research and development, minerals sourcing, and workforce skills. Our "GR" team educates government offi- cials on these issues from our members' per- spective, advocating for policies that will help our members prosper and grow. We also serve as an information resource for you, answering your questions about what to expect and how to comply with new laws. Here are the highlights of what IPC will be doing in San Diego from a GR perspective. We hope you will join us. IPC Government Relations Team Offering Education and Fun at IPC APEX EXPO

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