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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 In this column, I share a letter from the Leg- acy Officers and Board Members of the IPC Designers Council, introduce the formation of the Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA), and invite readers to consider future professional development and event opportu- nities. Gratitude, Acceptance, and Future Efforts To: The PCB Industry From: Legacy Officers and Board Members of the IPC Designers Council All, It is with appreciation we are writing this let- ter to express our gratitude for the opportunity to serve the designers in the electronics industry through our affiliation with the IPC Designers Council. Many of us have contributed a signif- icant amount of our careers to the betterment of our industry with this involvement. We have done so with the attitude of an educator with a servant's heart. Through all the decades of this effort, we have encountered success and chal- lenges. We have no regrets in looking back at our efforts. We are also writing to convey our acceptance that we have been summarily dissolved effec- tive immediately, at the request of senior man- agement at IPC. We have respectfully ceased all actions in relation to our efforts as an IPC Board. We will make all efforts to continue to represent IPC in a professional and positive manner, as professionals serving in our indus- try. Many of us continue to serve the IPC com- munity in other capacities and plan to do so with excellence. With our determination to continue to be in- volved in the electronics industry, we are inform- ing IPC of the intentions of the Legacy Board Members, along with many others in the engi- neering/design community, to continue to serve the design professional. We have determined to form a new entity called the Printed Circuit En- gineering Association (PCEA). In this new organization, we seek to be strong advocates of The Digital Layout by Stephen V. Chavez, MIT, CID+, PRINTED CIRCUIT ENGINEERING ASSOCIATION (PCEA) A New Beginning

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