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96 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 1 AltiumLive Frankfurt 2019: Happy Holden Keynote E Nobody left early! Altium had wisely kept Happy Hold- en's keynote presentation on "PCB Trends that Will Impact Your Future" until the end of the final day of the Altium- Live 2019 European PCB Design Summit in Frankfurt, Germany. Pete Starkey presents the highlights of Happy's presentation. 2 Fresh PCB Concepts: Designing a PCB for Telecom Applications E Jeff Beauchamp and Harry Kennedy discuss PCBs for telecommuni- cation applications, in- cluding key factors to consider, such as design and material consid- erations. They also recommend involving your PCB supplier at the time of design to help ensure manufacturability at the lowest possible cost. 3 Insulectro Works to Bridge the Fabricator/Designer Gap E 4 Connect the Dots: A Penny for Your Thoughts on Copper E Copper is the primary met- al for standard PCBs. And while standard PCB capa- bilities depend on what materials are used and how they are constructed, copper is the go-to choice. Bob Tise explains some of copper's applications, advantages, and chal- lenges. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 and Flex007 Bob Tise Happy Holden Beauchamp Kennedy In this interview, Megan Teta and Mike Creeden discuss trends they see in the materials market and how they're working to bridge the gap between fabrication and design, in order to help designers understand what they can do to make a board more manufacturable.

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