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JANUARY 2020 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 29 located near the technical conference and meetings area, where it will serve as a dedicated resource center for newcomers to get their questions answered and meet other newcomers. Use the lounge to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy day, catch up on emails, or grab a quick snack or refreshment. In addition, newcomers will have an opportunity to meet key leaders and influencers in our industry during scheduled sessions in the lounge. Here are just two of the meet-and-greets planned for the Newcomer's Lounge. • Meet IPC's Teresa Rowe (senior director, assembly and standards technology, IPC) and Leo Lambert (VP and technical director, EPTAC Corporation, and 2019 recipient of the IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award), along with IPC's Emerging Engineers, and listen in on the Tribal Knowledge Cultivation Project —February 3, 1:30–2:30 p.m. • Meet IPC's president and CEO, Dr. John Mitchell —February 4 at 4:00 p.m. and February 5 at 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Stop by the Newcomers' Lounge to see the full sched- ule of meet-and-greets throughout the week, including an opportunity to meet Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC technical conference program manager, additional IPC Hall of Fame Award recipients, standards committee chairs, and sev- eral other subject-matter experts. (Source: IPC) We've all had the experience of being new to an event, especially at large events like IPC APEX EXPO. Whether you're attending for the first time, or even if you have pre- viously attended once or twice, IPC APEX EXPO can be a bit overwhelming. There's so much to do and see. If you're attending without a friend or colleague, you might feel a bit like the new kid in school, trying to find a seat at a friendly table in a cafeteria full of strangers. IPC is ensuring that all new attendees have the oppor- tunity to meet others in the same situation. The newcom- ers' reception (formerly the first-timer's reception), of course, continues as a great opportunity for newcomers to network with each other. And yet, IPC is taking this idea a step further by providing an opportunity throughout the entire event for newcomers. The Newcomers' Lounge will open on February 2, will remain open through February 6, and is conveniently The Newcomers' Lounge with CFX and Hermes, this is all part of Indus- try 4.0, and we'll be assembling boards, which will be very exciting. Johnson: Last year, that was very well-received and helped everyone understand that Indus- try 4.0, CFX, and data interchange was viable. Anything else on your docket? Cherry: There will be a full schedule at IPC APEX EXPO 2020. And the IPC Validation Ser- vices booth will be associated with this IPC campus, where we have everything all in one spot. It's going to be a fantastic show, and I encourage everyone to attend. The IPC Valida- tion Services program is still fairly unknown to the industry and a lot of our IPC member com- panies. It's a global program that's continuing to grow. We've had a lot of interest in Europe, and we have solid development in Asia going on with this program. The basic goal of Valida- tion Services is to improve manufacturing pro- cesses and products, along with helping our member companies succeed. Johnson: Thanks, Randy. Cherry: Thank you. PCB007

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