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40 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 people to understand this change because everybody's incredulous that you have a sys- tem that's tiny and recycles everything in the factory. Matties: It has only improved. Stepinski: We constantly improve. We're al- ways focusing on that. Don't sit still. If you sit still, then you die. Matties: One of the big concerns is there's not a stream of young engineers coming in with the mindset that you have. What should the industry do to help resolve that? Because we're going to need them, even with all this great equipment. We're all growing older. Stepinski: I don't have a solution for the indus- try. All I have is our case study, which is da- ta-driven, and we know students coming out of school in the U.S. have a long lead time to get them to function at the level that we need. In Poland, it's a little bit easier, but we don't have a factory in Poland for PCBs; we have a factory for equipment. It seems to work out well. We're trying to leverage that as best we can and partner with schools in the local ar- ea. Whelen made a donation of an advanced manufacturing facility to the University of New Hampshire a few years ago in the name of our former CEO. We had a lot of young grads out of the Uni- versity of New Hampshire and Keene State. We have a few other schools in the area; again, we're constantly partnering with them to move things forward. We even have a "little league" of manufacturing. We have school buses local- ly come in, and kids are learning about manu- facturing. We're doing a lot, but it's still quite challenging. Matties: You keyed in on it. The appeal of man- ufacturing isn't there compared to technology companies. Stepinski: We're a service economy now, so it's quite a challenge. Matties: Thank you, Alex. It has been great catching up with you. Stepinski: You too, Barry. PCB007 Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC's technical conference pro- gram manager, shares a few tips on getting the most out of IPC APEX EXPO 2020, such as attending two key speak- e r p re s e n ta t i o n s , d ow n - loading the app, and taking advantage of the new single- s e s s i o n p a s s . C l i c k t h e image to watch the video. (Source: IPC) Make the Most Out of IPC APEX EXPO 2020

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