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52 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC technical confer- ence program manager, previews the techni- cal side of IPC APEX EXPO 2020, which in- cludes the customary technical sessions, but also some new wrinkles like the fundamentals program and "sessions @ the intersection" to encourage more interaction. Nolan Johnson: Brook, welcome back! We're talking about IPC APEX EXPO, which is com- ing up in the early part of February 2020. You have a lot of your part of the program already figured out. Brook Sandy-Smith: IPC APEX EXPO is planned far in advance so that we can get everything on the website in time for people to plan their travel. I'm overseeing the technical conference and professional development courses. Johnson: Let's start with what's new this year at IPC APEX EXPO. Sandy-Smith: It's the 20 th anniversary of the show, so that's exciting. We're trying to cele- brate in some cool ways. We want people to share pictures from the past 20 years of being at the show and recognize exhibitors that have been around the whole time. I'm also trying to put together more ways to let people know all the cool things that we're planning because sometimes people don't know about some of the other things that are going on. We're trying to have more networking and interactive events. Another cool thing is that we're on the other side of the convention center this year, so it will feel fresh and different because we've been in the same space for several years. It might throw people off balance a little bit. We defi- nitely want to mention this ahead of time, so as people visualize the future and what they're going to do at IPC APEX EXPO, they realize it's going to be in a different space. And one of my favorite things about that is that the confer- ence sessions are near the windows, looking out onto the terrace and bay, so you can easily walk out and see the ocean, which is what I always wanted. Johnson: That changes the whole experience. Sandy-Smith: It makes it feel a lot different. It's sad when you're at IPC APEX EXPO for a few IPC APEX EXPO Technical Session Preview

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