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62 PCB007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 Interview by Barry Matties I-CONNECT007 Barry Matties speaks with Vladi Kaplan, VP of marketing for CIMS, about the company's newest verification station, the benefits opera- tors will see from its colorized real-time video, and how it makes verification much faster and much more efficient for companies pushing 100% inspection. Barry Matties: Congratulations on some new equipment you're showing at the Internation- al Electronics Circuit Exhibition in Shenzhen, China. First, can you give us a quick overview of CIMS? Vladi Kaplan: We are an AOI equipment man- ufacturer and used to be known as Camtek. A little over two years ago, we were spun off of Camtek. For two years already, we have been a completely independent company, but the basis of our technology and the types of equipment that we are selling are the same. Of course, we have improved quite a lot, came up with a lot of new models, and are doing well. Matties: And you're introducing some new technology at this show. Kaplan: Everything that we are showing this time is all about drill inspection. We have fam- ilies of models for laser via inspection, which is a very hot topic right now, mainly driven by new demands from end-users for 100% inspec- tion of laser vias. On top of that, there are var- ious types of laser vias requiring inspection. Most recently, we see a new process of a di- rect laser via that drills all the way through the panels. It is similar to a mechanical drill, but with a laser, so our customers are looking for an inspection solution for that as well. There- fore, we have launched a dedicated model for the inspection of these type of products. For this particular solution, we are using LED-based illumination called ViaLight™ that is built inside the table. It works in combina- tion with our traditional illumination called Microlight™ illuminating the PCB surface from the top. With this dual illumination setup, we are able to see the entire full image of the drill, both from the inside and outside. Matties: There must be a big need for it for you to invest in producing a machine like this. Kaplan: We believe that we are right at the be- ginning of that kind of demand. We anticipate growth, and there's a lot of interest, so we de- Streamlining Inspection and Verification

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