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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2020 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 37 be interested in attending, so I went. As they say, the rest is history. Then, the EMS Management Council started meeting twice a year. Some of the meetings were very moderately attended. There were companies from all over the country, but some of those companies don't exist anymore, and others have been acquired. It always tended to be small or medium EMS companies. At one of those meetings, two people, who had been around since the beginning, had a four-hour debate about whether the industry was going to be the electronics manufacturing services industry or the electronic manufactur- ing services industry. I don't remember who won and who lost, but the name for the indus- try today grew out of that meeting. That's how I became involved in the group. Goldman: How long have you been with Zentech? Pudles: I have been with Zentech for about eight months. I started there after being in retirement for about five and a half years. In addition to some things I did on a consulting basis while "retired," one of the activities I maintained was my position on the IPC board the entire time. Goldman: I understand that; you care about the industry. Tell me what you think about getting this award. Pudles: If I look at all of the activities that I've been involved in for both the EMS industry and IPC in general, I'm really honored. I'm proud of the body of work, including my volunteer work, over the last 34 years. I remember being the youngest person in the room, and now I'm getting to be one of the oldest, except for the other Hall of Famers (laughs). There's quite a difference in age between lots of the other peo- ple who have won the award. Again, I'm hon- ored to be recognized for helping to bring the industry forward and transforming the organi- zation to help make the group what it is today. Goldman: What do you see coming down the pike at IPC and elsewhere?

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