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Fullled yesterday's needs. Exceeding today's needs. Anticipating tomorrow's needs. USA - AZ, tel. +1 480-961-1382 EUROPE - BELGIUM, tel. +32 9 235 3611 www.rogerscorp.com Much has changed in 60 years. Some things haven't had to: RT/duroid® High Frequency Laminates For more than 60 years, RT/duroid laminates from Rogers Corporation have been the circuit materials of choice for demanding RF/microwave military and aerospace applications, including avionics anti-collision systems, missile guidance, radars, man-pack radios, satellite communications, and surveillance systems. Today, Rogers oers the most comprehensive portfolio of high frequency materials in the market. This includes, in addition to our proven RT/duroid laminates, the extremely successful CLTE Series™, CuClad® low Dk PTFE woven/glass materials, TC350™ and TC600™ high thermal conductivity materials as well as the commercial RO4000® and RO3000® product families. What do the next generation of designs need? Advanced circuit material systems like COOLSPAN® adhesive and 2929 BondPly as well as MAGTREX™ 555 substrate material, which oers an elevated magnetic permeability and electric permittivity for miniaturization of RF structures. For more than 60 years, military and aerospace circuit designers have counted on Rogers' materials for land, air, sea and space programs. And they will be able to count on them for the next 60 years! Visit www.rogerscorp.com/acs to learn more about Rogers' aerospace and defense high frequency material solutions. Past Present Past Present Past Present Material Features RT/duroid 5000 CuClad Low Dk • Low Loss RT/duroid 6002 CLTE Series High Reliability MLB Materials RT/duroid 6000 High Dk Materials TMM® Rigid Materials with Broad Range of Dk Values TC350 TC600 RT/duroid 6035HTC High Thermal Conductivity materials RO4000 RO3000 Commercial-o-the-Shelf High Frequency Options MAGTREX 555 Magnetically Permeable Dielectric Material For military and aerospace circuits, RT/duroid® circuit laminates have been there from the start.

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