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4 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2020 In this issue, we set out to explore implementation details for smart factory concepts and expected to talk about sensors and protocols. As we dug deeper, it became clear that, in the end, the real smart factory innovation involves your business practices. Smart Factory Implementation Business Practices Drive the Smart Factory, Not the Other Way Around (Part 1) Interview with Sagi Reuven CFX: Industry 4.0 Ready by Chris Jorgensen Smart Factories: Readers Share Their Progress and Priorities Survey by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Cimetrix Helping to Digitize Factories Interview with Ranjan Chatterjee The Foundation of Industry 4.0 by Oren Manor Happy's Smart Factory Protocol Primer by Happy Holden 12 20 24 32 40 50 MARCH 2020 • FEATURED CONTENT 12 40 20

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