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62 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2020 Cochran (Mindchasers), David Hillman (Col- lins Aerospace), Michael Johnson (MACOM), Rob Rowland (Axiom), and Dr. Raiyo Aspan- diar (Intel). These members put in countless hours attending numerous meetings and writ- ing and rewriting various sections and review- ing other comments. Most important of all, this team was fortunate to have Chris Jorgensen as our IPC liaison, who kept us on our toes and nudged everyone to keep up with their commit- ments. Thanks to these people and many oth- ers, who made this a much better and more up- to-date document than the previous version. What Are BTCs? BTCs have many names. Examples of BTCs include small-outline no-leads (SONs), dual- flat no-leads (DFNs), quad-flat no-leads (QFNs), land-grid arrays (LGAs), etc. Here is If you attended the IPC-7093 meeting at IPC APEX EXPO 2020, you know that we completed the revision of this document and are now in the process of balloting it for final release within a couple of months. As the chair of this IPC committee, let me share the latest developments in bottom-ter- minated component (BTC) design and assem- bly guidelines in this three-part series. In this first column, I will give you an overview of this technology and standard. In my upcoming col- umns, I will take an in-depth look at the design, assembly, quality, and reliability issues in BTC technology that have been incorporated in this latest IPC-7093A revision. Let me start by thanking all the team mem- bers of this committee. Special thanks to A-team members Matt Kelly (IBM, now IPC), Mark Jeanson (IBM), Udo Welzel (Bosch), Robert Developments in BTC Guidelines: IPC-7093A, Part 1 SMT Solver by Ray Prasad, RAY PRASAD CONSULTANCY GROUP

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