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54 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2020 I-Connect007 Publishes Third Annual Show & Tell Magazine All About IPC APEX EXPO 2020 E This special publication is a supplement to our other monthly magazines and brings you ex- clusive, in-depth coverage of the recent event. These pages are packed with tons of great con- tent, including event photos, video interviews, attendees' thoughts, reviews from our guest contributors and I-Connect007 editors, inter- views with award winners and other indus- try experts, and coverage of another successful IPC STEM Student Outreach Program. Punching Out! Down to 199 E According to the database at Tom Kastner's firm, the number of PCB companies in North America is now down to 199. This is a psycho- logically significant number for the industry. Tom unpacks this number, provides insights on trends, and shares his firm's predictions for the future. Not All Plating Lines Are Created Equal E Barry Matties and Happy Holden met with CEO Michael Ludy and CMO Sarah Großmann from Ludy, a company specializing in galvanic plat- ing equipment for PCBs. This interview gives an overview of Ludy and its latest advance- ments in PCB plating equipment. It's Only Common Sense: Embrace Change, Embrace Success E Oh, that dreaded word "change." Great for- tunes have been made in times of great change by those who were flexible enough to adapt. Dan Beaulieu shares six ways that you can inspire change in your own organiza- tion from a book by Mac Anderson and Tom Feltenstein. IPC Honors TTM Technologies Inc. and Continental Automotive With Corporate Recognition Awards E IPC bestowed its highest corporate honors on two IPC member companies: TTM Technolo- gies Inc. and Continental Automotive. During a luncheon at IPC APEX EXPO 2020, the Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award was presented to TTM Technologies Inc., and the Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award was presented to Continental Automotive. Sunstone Circuits Now Offering ITAR on Limited Review PCBs E Sunstone Circuits, the leading PCB prototype to production solutions provider, announced that ITAR controlled PCB jobs can now be or- dered through its "limited review" products (PCBExpress and ValueProto). Elmatica CEO Approved Member of the Swedish Cyber Defense and Export Control Groups E Elmatica announces that CEO, Didrik Bech, is an approved member of the Swedish Cyber De- fense and Export Control Groups. DuPont and SCHMID Announce Partnership for New PCB Plating Applications E DuPont Electronics & Imaging and SCHMID Group have announced that they have entered into a nonexclusive joint development agree- ment to explore new PCB plating applications to bring advanced innovations to their global customers. The partnership will benefit high- end PCB manufacturers by delivering next- generation interconnect products and metalli- zation processes that can create faster, smarter, and more reliable devices for the 5G era.

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