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56 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2020 Resins: Five Tips for Potting and Performance In recent columns, I have outlined vari- ous resin properties and how they relate to particular types of circuit protection, seen how to apply these resins in a production en- vironment by deciding on which mixing and application techniques are appropriate to specific production needs, and explored var- ious resin subtleties, such as how best to achieve a satisfactory cure. Nevertheless, readers continue to ask, "Does thicker cover- age achieve better performance? What is the best advice for manual potting? We chose an inappropriate resin, so how will this affect our application?" In this column, I will explore these and other issues based upon frequently asked questions from Electrolube's customers. In no particular order, here are five ques- tions that raise a number of technical issues al- lied to resin applications, together with my re- sponses. Hopefully, it will provide useful back- ground information to help you with your own resin-related activities. Sensible Design by Alistair Little, ELECTROLUBE

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