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42 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 Steph has written before that his main objec- tive in writing was to promote continued glo- balization of knowledge-sharing for any and all involved in the design, fabrication, assembly, and test of printed circuit boards. "The Digital Layout" has been Steph's labor of love for the electronics industry. He has put in many hours of his own time to lay the foundation, solicit interesting content, and craft this column into a must-read for people who want to engage. All of us in the PCEA wish to thank Steph for setting such a high standard for this column and for inspiring excellence in all of us as we move forward. In closing out his column last month, Steph mentioned a process of evolving from a writer to a leader. As chairman, he has already proven himself a leader by becoming an effective delegator. Within a short time, the PCEA team was led to move quickly to nomi- nate and elect a replacement communication officer so that this column would not miss a beat. Well, here I am, and I want to thank Steph for his kind words and for the confidence shown by the executive team in nominating and elect- ing me as PCEA's communication officer. I won't take this service lightly, and I will do my best each month to bring you coverage of this unique association of professionals who are on fire for promoting collaboration, inspira- tion, and education within the PCB engineer- ing industry. Okay, let's try this out. Tap, tap… Is this mic on? Who Serves the PCEA? Over the past sever- al months, a group of people active in the PCB de- sign and electronics indus- tries transitioned to form the PCEA. In order to move forward with the prelimi- nary ideal and goals that the group had set for the long term, important orga- nizational roles needed to be created and filled imme- diately. Leveraging time to- gether while meeting at several industry trade shows and employing online meeting apps, the group was eager to begin nominations and elections to fill critical roles. I am very proud to announce our progress in electing the first servant leaders to the PCEA executive board. • Chairman: Stephen Chavez • Vice-Chair: Mike Creeden • Chairman Emeritus: Gary Ferrari • Administration: Cherie Litson • Treasurer: Mike Creeden • Communications: Kelly Dack and Stephen Chavez • Media/Social Media: Judy Warner and Tara Dunn • Sponsorship/Endorsement: Mike Creeden • Education: Susy Webb, Gary Ferrari, and Rick Hartley • Chapter Liaisons: Scott McCurdy and Terri Kleekamp New ideas for the organization are being identified at just about every meeting. These are exciting times for the PCEA. In the months that follow, I will not only be providing cover- age of the activities of the executive staff and their duties serving the PCEA, but I will also be working with Stephen Chavez to feature ex- panding chapters and report on how they will represent and grow the benefits and values of the PCEA in their own local areas and beyond. Mike Creeden, Stephen Chavez, and Cherie Litson.

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