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12 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2020 On April 14, IPC president and CEO, Dr. John Mitchell, described IPC's ongoing efforts related to COVID-19 with I-Connect007 Publisher Barry Matties. From a standpoint approximately 30 days into the U.S. shutdown, Mitchell reported that 94% of the executives attending the executive forum are expressing concern. He also outlined many of the chaotic drivers and influences in the indus- try, including shifting over to different, mandat- ed products; supply shortages; potential declin- ing demand for normal products; and increased shipping costs. Worker and staffing shortages have also become an emerging concern. Mitchell's opinion was that there are numer- ous indicators that an economic comeback is in the offing, but with some "drag" on the sys- tem as it restarts. The industry is responding well overall. While ventilator manufacturing is a high pri- ority, only properly qualified manufacturers can build medical equipment. Nevertheless, Mitchell pointed out that there are shifts in the market that touch everyone. As the ventilator needs wane in the coming weeks, the mar- ket will likely move closer to normal. Mitchell noted that China today shows a market engage- ment closer to 90% or 95%—not quite fully recovered but well on its way. Lastly, Mitchell shared his pride in the co- operative response to this challenge shown by the electronics manufacturing industry and of- fered a reminder to pay attention to the real numbers and the statistics—not just the fear. Barry Matties: Welcome. Today, I'm speaking with John Mitchell, president and CEO of IPC. During the global shutdown, which has reached about 30 days here in the U.S., we've talked to John several times regarding the state of the industry today. We're getting another update. John, welcome, and thanks for taking the time for this interview. John Mitchell: Thank you, Barry. Matties: Let's start with an overall update on the state of the industry, please. Mitchell: As you know, we're doing an exec- utive forum where we invite the executives from across the industry globally to join us and share in a very safe environment the chal- lenges they're facing, their concerns, and what other people are doing so that the industry can Dr. John Mitchell: IPC's Ongoing Efforts Related to COVID-19 Interview by Barry Matties I-CONNECT007 Dr. John Mitchell

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