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38 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 paste because there's always a lot of mystery around it and a fear of change; the process chemistry you're currently using is the devil you know versus taking a risk on the devil you don't. But every couple of years, solder paste manufacturers come out with better and bet- ter formulations. As a consultant, it kills me to go into a place where they need help and find them using a first-generation, lead-free solder paste when there are much better ones out there now. The impetus was to make qualify- ing a new paste quick, easy, and data-driven. Johnson: For those who haven't met you yet, what's your background? What do you do as a consultant? Shea: My background is in process engineer- ing. I spent the first eight years of my career on shop floors, either in production or an NPI capacity. Over the next 12 years, I worked for suppliers, helping people on production floors and managing some solder paste R&D and test- ing labs, and then I struck out on my own as a consultant. Now, I work independently for users or suppliers as need be. Johnson: And your key area of expertise? MTV Offers Solder Paste Testing Solution Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 The miniaturization test vehicle (MTV) is a common benchmark test board that can gauge about 25 different paste properties and analyze how different solder pastes will perform in an assembly line. Chrys Shea details the work she's done to develop and release the MTV. Nolan Johnson: Chrys, let's talk about your recent work with the SMTA specifically related to the MTV. Chrys Shea: The MTV is meant to be a test vehi- cle that will help qualify new packages and pro- cesses for the next at least two to three years, but hopefully longer. We can always spin it if we need to get something smaller than an 0201 metric or a 0.3-millimeter BGA on there, but it's sufficient to say that it will be solid for a while. Johnson: What's the overall purpose of this board and this exercise? Shea: The original purpose of it was to help people quickly and easily qualify new solder Chrys Shea

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