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34 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 era, I couldn't get the tune "Life During Wartime" by the Talking Heads out of my head. As each invitee checked in on the screen, I felt an ap- preciation for the depth of experience that even this small portion of PCEA members brought to the table. Vice Chairman Mike Creeden led the meeting, and I quickly discerned that this group was not here to party, disco, or fool around; they were meeting to execute and accomplish. They were armed with cameras, mics, and headsets, using the best means possible to share their ideas for planning to serve the PCB engineering com- munity with a viable website. Starting any effort, such as developing a new website, can be a daunting task. An important purpose of our site is to establish a base plat- form to continue our growth as an organiza- tion. Most of us think we know what needs to be basically communicated on a website, but section headers and click logic for a site like ours requires knowledge of electronics and in- dustry topics and resources, as well as experi- ence in psychology, etc. The PCEA is blessed to have a master web communicator like Alti- um's Judy Warner on board. Keep an eye out for the rollout of our new website set for around May 15 at www.pce-a. org (Figure 1). At the site, you will see that the PCEA is a non-profit organization and can read our mission statement and raison d'etre. Dive deeper, and you will find information on our in- ternational engineering network chapters, in- cluding seven new ones that will be established soon. There is a feedback page, which allows you get onto our mailing list and join us, as well as an education area, which will help you to fulfill your professional development by offering many resources; there are too many to list here, but they are all too valuable to pass up! Moving Forward Writing on behalf of all of the PCB chapter leadership, we hope you are all doing well. This has been quite a month, and the isolation Figure 1: The PCEA's new website will be up and running soon.

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