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62 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 Accurate Circuit Engineering Staying Ahead of the COVID-19 Curve E On April 16, Andy Shaughnessy spoke with Ac- curate Circuit Engineering's James Hofer. James provided an update on the company's respons- es to the challenges of fabricating PCBs while much of the country is under COVID-19 quar- antine and explained that he is dedicated to keeping his employees safe and healthy while continuing to meet the needs of his customers, many of whom are medical and military OEMs. He also discussed his current workload, which includes one customer developing a ventilator that can serve four patients at the same time. Photography Slideshow by Columnist Mehul Davé E At I-Connect007, we like to work hard, play hard, and highlight our contributors. Mehul J. Davé is a great example of someone who is pas- sionate about the industry as well as his other interests outside of work—especially photog- raphy. Here, we feature some of his work. Jolly Holden: Expert Insights Into Distance Learning and Webinars E With COVID-19 leading to increased distance learning throughout the U.S. and world, the I-Connect007 editorial team spoke with Jolly Holden, Ed.D., who is an expert on distance learning (and also Happy Holden's brother). In this wide-ranging interview, they discuss what distant learning is, how to do it well, what not to do, differences between academic and job skills training, and much more. Punching Out! Stress Testing Deals E Most M&A transactions fall apart several times before closing, even during normal times. When a major crisis occurs—whether internal or external—a deal can truly be stress tested. Tom Kastner shares 12 tips his company has used (and are currently using) to keep deals rolling. North American PCB Industry Sales up 3.7% in March E IPC—Association Connecting Electronics In- dustries announced today the March 2020 find- ings from its North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. The book-to- bill ratio stands at 1.15. Total North American PCB shipments in March 2020 were up 3.7% compared to the same month last year. Gene Weiner: Lessons Learned From COVID-19 E Barry Matties speaks with Gene Weiner, presi- dent and CEO of Weiner International Associ- ates, about the electronics industry's continued operation under COVID-19 restrictions and some of the lessons learned during this pandemic. One such lesson: Companies and nations must do a better job of sharing information to help prevent this from happening again. Isola's Travis Kelly: Maintaining Continuity of Supply E On April 9, Barry Matties spoke with Travis Kelly, Isola president and CEO. Travis gave an update on Isola's responses to the COVID-19 challenges in materials manufacturing and pointed out that Isola's products fill a critical need in the switch to medical equipment manufacturing for ventila- tors and related products. He also spoke to the three keys to maintaining continuity of supply. Ucamco Releases Latest Version of UcamX E Amid the current worldwide situation, Ucamco is proud to bring positive news and announce the v2020.03 release of UcamX.

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