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80 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 with technology new to you is both exciting and challenging. MFLEX Increases Growth E Happy Holden spoke with Jay Desai of MFLEX about the latest flex work the company has been doing and its aim to transition toward more au- tomation and a smart factory approach. Innovative Circuits Promotes Chris LaCroix to Plant Manager E Flex manufacturer Innovative Circuits has pro- moted Chris LaCroix to plant manager effec- tive immediately. In his new role, LaCroix will oversee all plant operations and department managers will report directly to him. LaCroix will continue to report directly to Innovative Circuits (ICI) President George Schudy. DuPont Teijin Films Introduces Clear, Flame-retardant Polyester Film E To help product designers achieve improved safety in the industrial, transportation, con- struction, electronics, and label industries, Du- Pont Teijin Films is introducing clear, flame- retardant, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) polyester films. Trackwise's 'Improved Harness Technology' Designed Into Circuits for Electric Vehicles E Trackwise's IHT is a proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing process, enabling the produc- tion of unlimited length, multilayer flexible printed circuits (FPCs). Trackwise's roll-to-roll technology is being used to manufacture FPCs for use at a module level in both HV and LV circuits in the vehicles' battery packs, reducing the part count, assembly time, and saving on space and weight. American Standard Circuits Now Provides Long (30 Inches) Rigid-flex PCBs E West Chicago-based circuit board fabricator American Standard Circuits announced that the company is now building 30-inch rigid-flex PCBs. President and CEO Anaya Vardya said, "Producing these longer boards is something we have been working on for quite some time. So many of our good customers told us that it would be extremely helpful to them if they could design rigid-flex boards that extend up to 30 inches." Flexible Circuit Technologies Continues Operations as an 'Essential Supplier' E Carey Burkett, vice president of business de- velopment, announced that Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) is fully operational as an "essential supplier" given the critical nature of the electronic products and services they sup- ply to medical customers who are helping in the global fight against COVID-19. DIS: It's All About Alignment E Jesse Ziomek, VP of sales for DIS, updates Pete Starkey on the capability of the company to achieve ultimate accuracy in layer-to-layer reg- istration, not just in rigid multilayers, but also in flex and rigid-flex builds. Jesse also com- ments on keeping technology exciting enough to attract young engineers into the industry. Flex and Rigid-flex: Materials, DFM, and Real-world Advice E Flex and rigid-flex are a significantly growing portion of the global PCB market. Whether you are starting with single- and double-sided flex, learning the ins and outs of rigid-flex technol- ogy, or just beginning to utilize additive pro- cessing for very fine-line rigid-flex, working

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