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88 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 1 This Month in Design007 Magazine: Design Economics With Kelly Dack E Andy Shaughnessy recently spoke with Kelly Dack—CID, CID+, and a PCB designer and instructor who has worked in the design and manufacturing segments over the years. Thanks to his background, Kelly provides an intriguing viewpoint on cost-aware design and the philos- ophy of design economics in general. 2 Beyond Design: Transmission Line Termination E Whenever a signal meets an impedance variation along a transmission line, there will be a reflection, which can se- riously impact signal integrity. By understanding the causes of these reflections and eliminating the source of the mismatch, a design can be engineered with reliable performance. Barry Olney looks at how to effectively terminate transmission lines. 3 Mentor Video: Get To Know DDRx, SerDes, and PDN Tools E This digital theater presentation demonstrates how HyperLynx contains full, automated pre- and post-route design flows for DDRx, SerDes channel, and power delivery network (PDN) design, with workshops that guide you through the process to get you up and running quickly. 4 Lightning Speed Laminates: Understanding Dk Data Key to Cost-aware Design E In the development stages of a circuit for a new PCB applica- tion, there are usually several iterations to the circuit. These many changes can be costly, and it is not uncommon for a project to have 4–8 changes before it can be re- leased to the market. According to John Coon- rod, one item that can substantially reduce the number of changes and the associated costs is the use of a good circuit simulation software. John Coonrod Kelly Dack Barry Olney

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