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MAY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 89 5 Elementary, Mr. Watson: The Positive Side of COVID-19 E With the recent COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, most of us have been forced to reshuf- fle how we work, live, and play. Something like this has never happened before in our lifetimes, and it is scary and challenging, but difficult times develop resilient people. John Watson shares some of the positive things he has already noticed come out of this situ- ation. 6 The Digital Layout: The Foundation of the PCEA Is Being Laid E Stephen Chavez highlights the Orange County Chapter's re- cent meeting and their transi- tion from IPC to PCEA affilia- tion, recent PCEA activities, and the evolution of this col- umn, including introducing Kelly Dack, CID+, PCEA's new communication officer. 7 Freedom CAD's Scott Miller: Taking Care of Customers and Staff E COO Scott Miller explains that Freedom CAD remains fully op- erational during the COVID-19 quarantine. Staff members have been telecommuting for years, so the company's day- to-day operations are relatively unchanged. He also discusses the company's plans to help employees and customers during this time, and Miller asks anyone with design questions— customers or not—to contact the company any time. 8 Cadence Helping Users to Save Time, Money With Automation E During DesignCon, Andy Shaughnessy spoke with Brad Griffin, the group director for product management for the system analysis group at Ca- dence Design Systems. We dis- cussed some of the areas where PCB design- ers can cut costs and how EDA companies can help these designers by automating certain time-consuming tasks. As Brad says, "The 'A' in EDA is for automation, right?" 9 Connect the Dots: The Seven-year Etch E PCB etching seems like a sim- ple task on the surface, but quite a few things can go wrong during this process. Adhering to best practice and continuous improvement is a must to help avoid issues with your finished board. Bob Tise and Matt Stevenson share their design tips for a better etching process. J The Shaughnessy Report: Design for Profitability Now Part of the Process E It's easy to define profit, but it's much more difficult to define exactly what "design for profitability" (DFP) means to today's PCB de- signers and design engineers. How can tech- nologists create profit in every design when the board's stakeholders are often spread out across several time zones and continents? It's a tough concept to get your arms around. Some of you work in giant OEMs; do you have any idea how much your last design cost—man- hours, components, laminates, etc.? for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Stephen Chavez Brad Griffin Scott Miller John Watson Stevenson and Tise

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