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38 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 Feature by Paul Benke and Michaela Brody ZERO DEFECTS INTERNATIONAL The current global pandemic situation will not only have long-lasting economic effects but should lead to more fundamental changes. Globalization allowed companies to farm out manufacturing all over the world and deliver their products to markets on a just-in-time ba- sis, bypassing the costs of warehousing. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of organizing resources in a way that preserves the continuity of operations when world- changing events threaten the established rou- tines. The current COVID-19 pandemic has added an impetus to all of the outsourcing dynam- ics. Employee availability has been impacted. Even though most PCB fab and assembly com- panies have been deemed as "essential," the logistics alone make it challenging. Employees may be restricted due to social distancing, or they are just unwilling to report to work for even an essential business. In the short term, it is next to impossible, given the skill sets and training required. The CAM service companies whose focus is only PCB engineering have cre- ated working structures to guarantee continu- ity. Fifteen or 20 years ago, it was necessary to build in redundancies and back-up in India to compensate for the underdeveloped infra- structure, power failures, etc., which has given them a unique level of preparation for today's lockdown environment. Concerns Any adaption or implementation of a new or different process is rife with objections. The concerns include: 1. Security and confidentiality: The secu- rity of data is absolutely very strong if you work with a reputable firm with a solid infrastructure. Multinational companies are now outsourcing medical, insurance, financial and technological work to India. Medical records demand especially high security. 2. ITAR jobs: These jobs restrict processing by foreign nationals. Most of the PCB fabrication customers process some An Optimistic Look at Resource Optimization Into the Future

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