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44 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 The last five months have been more out of a thriller blockbuster movie than everyday life for all of us. COVID-19, known globally by now, and buzzwords like social distanc- ing, isolation, home office, antibac, and lock- downs, are humming in every ear. The world has changed; that's no secret. The interesting thing is how it will affect us in the future. The world has reacted. Actions have been taken to prevent or slow down the virus from spreading like a pandemic. Will it continue, and for how long? Nobody can tell, until a vac- cine is available, or the virus suddenly disap- pears. I believe we have to live with these un- certainties for some time. Humans tend to stick to habits. Will the same happen to PCB production? Or will the result of the COVID-19 pandemic be a new, global PCB manufacturing base with a stronger fo- cus on risk management, even better-planned production lines, more automated manufactur- ing, and humans being replaced by robots in production, which are less vulnerable when a pandemic strikes? When Times Are Poor, We Find Our Strength and Innovation Happens At the moment, staying safe and keeping ourselves healthy is the priority. That is the same for an organization. At Elmatica, we It's All About Being Prepared The PCB Norsemen Feature Column by Raymond Goh, ELMATICA

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