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92 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2020 is critical to understand is whether there is a separation from the copper surfaces where the resin is separated (Figure 2). The microsection in Figure 2 is a good depic- tion of classic delamination. There are a num- ber of factors that can contribute to the delami- nation shown in Figure 2. Table 1 provides a good overview of the causes of delamination. As the reader can surmise, there are many variables to monitor and check if the process is not in proper control. However, delamination also occurs within the resin itself for a number of reasons (Figure 3). Since this is not classic delamination, what is the probable cause here? One probable cause is moisture remaining in the laminate material. One cannot assign the cause of this defect to the inner layer preparation process as there is no separation of the resin from the copper sur- face, as shown in Figure 2. For the issue noted Figure 2: Delamination with resin separation from the copper. Table 1: Delamination overview.

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