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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 Know Your Cybersecurity Risks Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Mike Landeck, information risk strategist, talks about what companies should consider when it comes to investing in cybersecurity, especially with so many people working from home in the midst of a global pandemic. Mike explains how it all starts by knowing your cybersecurity risks. Nolan Johnson: Mike, as a cybersecurity expert, let's talk about cybersecurity—particularly for manufacturing—although I'm sure there are some very fundamental concepts that apply to virtually any industry. Can you intro- duce yourself and share your background and expertise? Mike Landeck: I would be considered a secu- rity subject-matter expert (SME) in the area of software security assurance. When you write software, my expertise is how you test to make sure it's secure, which has primarily been at Hewlett-Packard and a few other com- panies. My other area of expertise would be government-funded healthcare. When you go for Medi-Cal or the U.S. healthcare exchanges, there are some very specific security require- ments for which I would be considered an SME. As a generalist, I've been doing cyberse- curity for about 20 years. Johnson: Do you see any fundamental changes with everybody shifting to working remotely? Is that changing the landscape? Landeck: Yes and no. Some companies have been working remotely for a very long time. For these companies, their laptops don't know where they're located; it doesn't know if it's your home office, Starbucks, or your corporate office. The way it works is through networking. Traditionally, companies have what's called an internal network, which may also be referred to as an intranet, a LAN, or a WAN. They have a network that's protected from the out- side world, and when you walk into the office, you plug your computer into the wireless or a jack, and your computer has permission to be inside that network. What came about in the late '90s was the concept of virtual private net- works, or VPNs, which is a piece of software on your computer that will remotely enter your Mike Landeck

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