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54 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 mostly, you'll be okay. Look at the statistics. When you're the person who's sick, the statis- tics don't mean anything. We've been really on top of those numbers because we have people in a lot of places and a bunch of people around here, and we're staying abreast of those num- bers because that helps people understand the risk. When we were in our shop in Malay- sia, people live in tight quarters. We felt that if we can keep the factory open, that was eight or nine hours a day where people are social distancing. When they're home, they're prob- ably not. Matties: Every environment and circumstance is unique. Forsythe: Exactly. By definition, leadership means there's a group of people that are either somehow reliant or depending on the leader to help that little entity accomplish its goal, what- ever that is. Matties: The only way to know if you're a leader is to look behind you and see if some- body is following. Forsythe: That's it. Or, as you painted this vision, when the chips get down, is it like turn- ing the lights on in an old, crummy apartment? When times are stressed, you see that the team pulls together. Sometimes, that's organic, but a lot of times, the leaders have a lot to do with it, such as setting the tone and environment. The team has a lot to do with it as well, but there are many examples of where a good team with the wrong leader doesn't do very well. Johnson: Do you see leadership as a talent, a gift, or a skill? Forsythe: In every endeavor, there are genu- inely talented people that you just sort of mar- vel at, whether they're throwing a football, painting, or being a leader. For the rest of us Warehouse fully stocked and ready to ship at KYZEN's HQ in Nashville, TN.

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