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78 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 1 Process Ionic Contamination Test (PICT) Standard Roundtable With Industry Experts E With standards committees set to release the first of four new test standards, indus- try experts discussed the pro- cess ionic contamination test (PICT) standard, which was recently approved by the IEC for publication. 2 Foundations of the Future: Online Resources Offer Opportunities for Professional Growth E At a time where 42 states have stay-at-home orders and thousands of school districts are transitioning to a remote learning environment, online resources are essential. Char- lene Gunter du Plessis recaps some of the ways to learn about the electronics manufacturing industry online. 3 Powerful Prototypes: Why Datasheets Matter E Some parts just look cooler than others. One of Duane Benson's favorites is the edge mount high-speed RF con- nector. Unfortunately, "I like the look" doesn't necessar- ily translate to "it is easy to build." The edge mount connector requires a proper footprint and a match with the PCB thickness, and this is where the datasheet comes in. 4 Smart Factory Insights: Seeing Around Corners E Each of us has limitations, strengths, and weaknesses. Our associations with social groups—including our friends, family, teams, schools, com- panies, towns, counties, coun- tries, etc.—enable us to combine our strengths into a collective, such that we all contribute to an overall measure of excellence. Editor's Picks from Michael Ford Gunter du Plessis Duane Benson

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