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JUNE 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 11 you upload a photo, it may appear in Design007 Magazine or on the Design007 website. Thanks for taking the time to fill out this survey. Surveys like this help keep on track covering the issues that matter to you most. To take this survey, click here. posits that the old Soviet détente maxim "trust but verify" also holds true for app notes. John Coonrod explores the difficulties that laminate companies face in crafting app notes for high- speed materials. Kelly Dack discusses the pros and cons of app notes, and why—like much of PCB design—their proper usage is a matter of making the right trade-offs. We have an interview with Pallav Aggarwal, a designer based in Bangalore, India, who dis- cusses his growth from a hobbyist to a degreed engineer. We also bring you columns from reg- ular contributors Barry Olney, Patrick Craw- ford, Istvan Novak, Jade Bridges, Joe Fjelstad, Dominique Numakura, and Bob Tise and Matt Stevenson. Next month, we're shining the spotlight on you and your home office. We want to see your workspace! Click here to take our workspace survey and upload a photo of the desk, coffee table, or kitchen countertop where you make the design magic happen. See you next month! DESIGN007 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 19 years. He can be reached by clicking here. rest of us. As Clive "Max" Maxfield points out this month, the engineers who write app notes are not "infallible creators." The one topic that kept popping up was trust. Have you had good luck with app notes from that IC maker in the past? Do you know the track record of that particular app note writer? Experience may be the best tool in your tool- box when facing an unfamiliar app note. De- signers and design engineers with decades of experience can often tell right away whether a point in an app note is too good to be true, or only likely under laboratory conditions. But how do we train the new designers and design engineers to handle new app notes? For this month's issue, we asked a variety of experts to share their thoughts on app notes, datasheets, and when to trust this data. Rick Hartley and Dan Beeker start off by explain- ing why app notes should never be trusted un- less they've been verified, and they present some great horror stories to back up their po- sition. Geof Lipman of component distributor Octopart discusses parts data in general and why the company doesn't provide customers with app notes. Martyn Gaudion explains why app notes of- ten provide timely information but should still be treated a "best endeavors." Max Maxfield Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, more and more PCB designers and design engineers have moved into home of- fices. Some designers adapted to telecommuting right away, and have no plans to ever work in a company location again, but others say they can't wait to get back into the compa- ny office when the smoke clears. What's your opinion on working remotely? In this survey, we ask our designer and de- sign engineer readers to share their thoughts on working from a home office: the dogs, the crying kids, everything. Best of all, we want to see photos of your workspaces! Take a photo of your office, whether it's a dedicated office, a dining room table, or even your company office, and upload it into the survey. Just remember: If Design007 Survey: Show Us Your Workspaces!

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