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JUNE 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 105 5 Connect the Dots: Increased Focus on Health and Wellness Transforms the PCB Industry E Our increased focus on health and wellness drives technolo- gy advancement for personal devices and those used in the delivery of healthcare. Bob Tise and Matt Stevenson ex- plain how this trend also drives both PCB pro- duction innovation and a long-overdue update of the employer/employee relationship. 6 Sensible Design: Thermal Management—Five Tips for Application Success E With so much to consider when choosing a thermal manage- ment material, it's important to do your calculations, consider the equipment's operational, and environmental conditions and experiments. Underestimating these could compromise the reliability of an electronic as- sembly and shorten its life expectancy. 7 A Design Economics Primer E Chris Young begins cost- aware design before the de- sign cycle has even begun. Andy Shaughnessy and Nolan Johnson recently interviewed Chris, an engineer with The Goebel Company and founder of Young Engineering Services, and asked him to explain his approach to design economics. 8 The Pulse: Communicating Materials From Design to PCB Fabrication E Designer and fabricator com- munication—especially for high-speed PCBs—should be a bidirectional "thing." It is so easy for a designer to say, "Just build this," and hand over a challenging design to a fabricator who could have performed better with some preliminary conversation or dialog before placing the order. Martyn Gaudion explores communicating ma- terials from PCB design to fabrication. 9 Design Circuit: Competition as a Tool for Growth E In his debut column, Patrick Crawford—manager of de- sign programs and related in- dustry programs at IPC—high- lights the new IPC Design program and announces plans for an international printed board design com- petition, which will also include a student division. J Fresh PCB Concepts: Why Design and Produce PCBs Beyond Industry Specification? E While questions may be an an- noyance, especially when you finally have a board designed and are ready to have it built for a product, Ruben Contre- ras explains the importance of asking these questions and requiring specifica- tions. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. Martyb Gaudion Patrick Crawford Ruben Contreras Stevenson and Tise Jade Bridges Chris Young

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