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62 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 An Expectation of Collaboration Introduction This month, I share updates on the PCEA website and reports on some inspiring com- munication on collaboration taking place be- tween the PCEA and a well-known industry organization that appears to have a high po- tential for synergy for all engaged. I'm always happy to mention that PCEA Chairman Steph Chavez has prepared a mes- sage as well, where he provides an overview of his take on adapting to the new normal by doing more with less. Lastly, we are not able to provide any re- ports on local chapter activities due to con- tinued social distancing requirements. How- ever, we will share our most updated list of professional development opportunities and events, which we hope you will find useful. As always, stay tuned for more updates. PCEA Updates Words ending in "ation" can affect our mission. Stay positive! Throughout the week, I lap up a lot of eve- ning news. Like you, I'm getting tired of watch- ing so many negative news reports about "frustration in the nation regarding the presen- tation of some information regarding an ob- servation that it is a violation to meet togeth- er in an organization without six feet of sep- aration until after there is an indication of a successful vaccination declaration." In effect, I've become over-sensitized to words end- ing in "ation." They cause me to itch. But a brief conversation I had with PCEA Chairman Steph Chavez quickly desensitized me to these "ation" words. The Digital Layout by Kelly Dack, CIT, CID+, PCEA

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