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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 ration of work life and home life has morphed together, which can be a double-edged sword. In many cases, we find ourselves doing more with less, as our new normal working day seems to have simply gotten longer. Those 9–10-hour working days before COVID-19 are now 12–16-hour working days, simply due to all of the additional virtual meetings or tele- conferences taking place. As I talk to many friends and colleagues, all agreed that I am not the only one feeling as if we're participating in a three-ring circus due to all these virtual meetings, working on designs and presentations, and having a fam- ily life. Without even realizing it, by the time we walk away from our computers at the end of our "working day," we worked much lon- ger than 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. In some cases, we've even lost track of whether it's a weekday, Saturday, or Sunday; they've morphed together. On the flip side, we may find that we are adapting, evolving, and collaborating at a much higher level. Because we're isolated and with less "walk-up" interruptions or that sim- ple "5–10-minute water cooler" chat that is actually more like 20 minutes, we're able to focus longer and get more done with less of those distractions. Due to COVID-19, most—if not all—in-per- son expos, conferences, and seminars have gone virtual now. This has led to many do- ing more collaboration with less in-person time. For many of us whose business travel has come to a stop, "in-transit" time or "return back to the office and settle back in time" has been replaced by online opportunities, such as webinars and global virtual events related to this industry. Again, we are finding ways to adapt, collaborate, and do more with less. Our PCEA Executive Board members are good examples of those doing more with less. Our day jobs have intensified over these last few months as COVID-19 has changed the industry, and the required effort that is needed to solidify the foundation of PCEA has been a challenge. Nothing ever goes as well as you'd like it to, and we have had our share of hurdles to get past. Murphy's Law always seems to make its pres- ence, yet we adapt and overcome. We have cra- zy days where we feel as if we are in a double- dutch jump rope contest while we are juggling multiple tasks all at the same time. In the end, what we are doing and creating is awesome. We have started collaborating and strategically planning with other great industry associations, such as the SMTA, for the better of the industry as a whole. We are identifying ways to fill the educational gap in our respec- tive associations, as we see the PCEA and the SMTA being a "one-two" punch combination for success in our industry. Mike Creeden and I will collaborate as we represent the PCEA in an SMTA webinar scheduled for July 9. The PCEA will also have a presence at SMTA International, being held later this year. We'll be offering an educational track at this event. Stay tuned for more details to come. We launched our official website as of June 1. The website had been one of our hurdles, as we had planned and expected it to have been online by mid-May. With lots of hard work, collaborative effort, and passionate determi- nation, we adapted and overcame. We'll fol- low the website launch with our virtual grand opening scheduled for July 14 at 11:00 a.m. PST, featuring a presentation from Rick Hart- ley on the topic "PDN Tips: Successful Power Distribution." Now that our official website is active and online, and with our upcoming virtual grand opening, you'll start seeing a lot more indus- try activity come from the PCEA—both virtual and hopefully in person in the near future. Our focus is slowing shifting from our PCEA struc- ture and foundation, to collaboration, educa- tion, and inspiration through industry content and activities. As always, I highly encourage you all to get involved! Join PCEA by visiting our website ( and registering as a member to be- come part of the PCEA collective. You can al- ways reach out to me (stephen.chavez.pcea@ or Kelly Dack (kelly.dack.pcea@ to get more information, as well. Professional Development and Events It has been our custom to highlight all up- and-coming industry events to look out for in

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