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68 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2020 Thermal Management: Keeping Cool Starts From Within Introduction Thermal management is a critical compo- nent of the design phase for any electron- ics device. Factoring in thermal management earlier on in the design process will lead to a more reliable and cost-effective end product. This month, Jade Bridges takes a fresh look at popular subjects within the field of thermal management. For instance, how do you know for sure if your thermal management process has been a success? Jade also explores what occurs when devices overheat, as well as the benefits of thermal gap fillers and how to best avoid pump-out. Thermal management plays a significant role in protecting electronic circuit- ry, so let's explore some of these key areas in more detail and discuss practices that ensure better thermal management. 1. How do I know if my thermal management is a success? There's so much to consider when selecting a thermal management material, and getting it wrong could ultimately compromise the reli- ability of an electronic assembly and shorten its life expectancy. No pressure! When you think you have it right, how can you be entirely sure that your thermal management process has suc- ceeded? Critically, the product would have been tested under real-world conditions to see how it holds up under the heat, allowing engineers to alter the design before it goes to market and giv- ing designers the opportunity to make any nec- essary changes to preserve the product's func- tional integrity and operational reliability. Evaluating thermal performance in all phases of the design cycle will also confirm any issues Sensible Design by Jade Bridges, ELECTROLUBE

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