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JUNE 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 79 engineers lack knowledge and proper direc- tion, so I started to write articles that I thought might help some of these engineers. Over a period of time, I realized that I should have my own website to have everything orga- nized well and available in one place. My long- term goal is to build a very good and practi- cally applicable knowledge base for embedded systems engineers and maybe write a book someday. I hope to help them in their journey and give back to society in my own way. Today, I am what I am because so many people gave me direction and guidance. Now, it's my turn. Thank you for the opportunity to share my journey with you. I wish all readers a healthy and happy life. Shaughnessy: Thank you, Pallav. I appreciate it. This is a really good story. Aggarwal: Thank you. DESIGN007 Ergotron, a global movement company that builds envi- ronments that help people thrive, announced the launch of its Thermal Imaging Cart with Onboard Power de- signed to quickly detect a temperature in spaces where groups of people gather. As employers slowly start to bring their teams back to work, businesses gradually begin to reopen, and ed- ucators weigh their options for the upcoming school year, safeguarding public health is a top priority. Ther- mal imaging technology brings body temperature measurement wherever it's needed to support ef- forts to maintain healthy communities. Ergotron's Thermal Im- aging Cart provides total flexibility. The cart's open architecture allows for customers to mount their thermal imaging cam- era of choice facing for- ward or backward depend- ing on the application or to accommodate privacy considerations. The easy- to-clean mobile cart is compact and fits in small spaces so it can travel to wherever it's needed. Op- tional accessories like a sani-wipes holder make disinfec- tion simple and the onboard LiFe battery technology pro- vides a safe and reliable charge. "We developed the Thermal Imaging Cart based on a need we recognized in our customers and in the market- place," said Megan Nightingale, general manager, indus- trial, education and new markets at Ergotron. "As we navi- gate this new world we're in, we've seen a huge demand for thermal imaging solutions. Our cart fits a variety of thermal imaging cameras and we're excited to intro- duce this solution to sup- port employers, business- es and educators as they work to keep their popula- tions healthy." In addition to the Ther- mal Imaging Cart with Onboard Power, a Ther- mal Imaging Cart with Hot Swap Power is also avail- able to order. Hot swap power, with Ergotron's in- novative LifeKinnex Tech- nology, allows for uninter- rupted workflows. These carts can be ordered from resellers globally. (Source: Business Wire) Ergotron's New Thermal Imaging Cart Supports a Healthier, Safer Return to Work

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