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JULY 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 59 Did You Get What You Paid For? Once your boards arrive from the offshore fabricator, yields become your next concern. Again, we encourage multi-dimensional anal- ysis of the production. Instead of targeting a percentage yield and checking a box, consider the consistency of yields over time, along with the boards' functional reliability in the end product. Long-term reliability is a key measure. Counterfeit components routinely find their way into PCBs manufactured offshore (Figure 2). Some substandard parts are easy to spot, but not so much with others. Counterfeit com- ponents in your offshore PCB may stand up to initial testing, and then fail after your prod- uct is in use. This can impact product per- formance, reduce customer satisfaction, and, eventually, tarnish your reputation in the mar- ketplace. Conclusion Making the right decision about domestic versus offshore PCB manufacturing depends on a thorough cost-benefit analysis. Your results will vary depending on volume and design requirements. We encourage our cus- tomers to look for the hidden costs in offshor- ing and seriously consider its less quantifiable pain points. DESIGN007 Bob Tise is an engineer at Sunstone Circuits, and Matt Stevenson is the VP of sales and marketing at Sunstone Circuits. To read past columns or contact Tise and Stevenson, click here. Bob Tise Matt Stevenson Figure 2: Counterfeit components. their technical data and can be discussed with Würth Elektronik specialists in the chat. Component samples and developer support can be requested directly from the virtual booth. Focus Topic Single Pair Ethernet As lectures are held at exhibition stands, webinars can be found at the virtual exhibition stand. The current focus topic here is single pair ethernet. Würth Elektronik offers solutions and stan- dard-compliant reference designs that make this copper-saving cabling, which originates from the automotive sector, usable for industrial applications. (Source: Wurth Elektronik) As Würth Elektronik is not able to present new products to customers and interested parties in personal contact at trade fairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the manu- facturer of electronic and electromechanical com- ponents has now set up a virtual exhibition stand. Instead of visiting a trade fair, visitors will find an attrac- tive online presentation of product innovations and the ability to have direct conversation in the chat. The Würth Elektronik team offers a cre- ative answer to the current situation with its virtual trade fair stand. Interested develop- ers and manufacturers can use this platform to stay in close, personal contact with the manufacturer. Products are visualized with Würth Elektronik Sets Up Virtual Exhibition Stand

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