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74 SMT007 MAGAZINE I AUGUST 2020 Article by Derek Ong, BscEE KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Abstract The smart factory is starting to become a reality, as part of the overarching Industry 4.0 paradigm. With the technology enablers, such as industrial IoT (IIoT) and cloud computing, electronics manufacturing operational technol- ogy (OT) are on a converging course with tra- ditional information technology (IT). Beyond the challenges of data acquisition and trans- formation, the true "proof in the pudding" is in the quick ROI from advanced analytics. This is where domain knowledge application into data science is paramount. We will share examples of successful, profitable implemen- tation of applied machine learning (ML) in the electronics manufacturing line, where mea- surement science meets data science. Introduction Industry 4.0 is becoming a hot topic in the world today. The first industrial revolution saw mechanization through water and steam power. The second industrial revolution intro- duced the ability to mass produce products using electricity. It was almost a century before the third industrial revolution where computers became cost-effective and powerful enough to be adop- ted in the factories. Through the unprecedented processing and computational speed available then, the factory could automate more pro- cesses and provide better feedback on their processes. Data has started to become the currency of productivity. Supply chain, commodity, cus- tomer relationships, quality, and production management could be harmonized on an enter- prise-wide platform that empowered compa- nies to optimize costs of manufacturing, reduce inventory, ship quicker, and improve quality. Fast forward to today and the internet of things (IoT), believed by many industry experts to be the key driver of the next industrial revolution. The concept simply implies that machines will be intelligent enough to com- municate and automate processes between themselves with minimal human intervention, creating a self-monitoring and self-sustaining internet of machines, for machines. Real Stories of Applied Advanced Analytics in the Electronics Manufacturing Smart Factory

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