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AUGUST 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 111 5 Elementary, Mr. Watson: PCB Components Naming Conventions E How you accurately analyze and identify certain informa- tion has a direct connection to the overall success of your PCB designs. In this column, John Watson focuses on the conventional naming scheme for the schematic symbol and footprint to pre- vent headaches and ulcers later. 6 AltiumLive 2020 Goes 'Virtual' E Like most events in 2020, Altium is transitioning its annual flagship conference, Alti- umLive, to an online experience this year. Altium will host its North American event from October 6–8, and the European event from October 20–22, 2020. Both events are free to attend. 7 Connect the Dots: The Power of Forward Thinking E Innovation comes in many forms and from more places these days. Bob Tise and Matt Steven- son discuss how innova- tive electronic devices all contain PCBs, and share pro design tips for bring- ing new products to the market. 8 Lightning Speed Laminates: High-Frequency Circuit Material App Notes E High-frequency circuit mate- rials are used in a variety of diverse applications. Due to this diversity, it is difficult to write an app note for a specific high-frequency cir- cuit material. John Coonrod explains while exploring Rogers Corporation's app notes. 9 Dana on Data: How Can the PCB Industry Improve From COVID-19 Responses? E In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world trans- formed a very slow medical approval process into the equivalent of a concurrent NPI process by challenging some of the golden rules. Dana Korf shares his thoughts on four areas the PCB industry can re-evaluate and improve. J Time to Market: It's Crunch Time! E After sharing a crunch-time scenario, Imran Valiani emphasizes the importance of solid communication on getting to market on time— especially if you're not using a one-stop-shop for design, fabrication, and assembly. for the latest circuit design news and information. focuses on the rapidly growing flexible and rigid-flex circuit market. John Coonrod Dana Korf Imran Valiani Stevenson and Tise John Watson

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