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AUGUST 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 19 it includes all of the same issues they had the first time. Next, you get the production board. All the issues are still there. Dack: They want to manufacture for their design. It goes contrary to everything that we've been pushing for the last few decades with regard to design for manufacturability— in other words, finding out what's available. This is not rocket science; these are standard, regular boards. There are proven capabilities out there that we need to design around if we expect that our board is going to go to market in the fastest time possible. Korf: Also, some fabricators don't want to give out their rules because they think it's IP, and it really isn't. They're forcing bad designs to come in that they aren't capable of building because they refuse to tell them what their capability is. I put the fault on both hands there, not just always the designer. Shaughnessy: If you have good communica- tion between the designer and the fabricator, the designer gets to know your capabilities, and you know what to expect from the design team. It seems like that would be the key. Korf: If the designer has five fabricators, all five fabricators can agree on a common set. That's been done many times. Dack: Yes. That gets back into the, "Well, the other people built it." That's problematic, too. It can go both ways. It was probably an onshore supplier for it to do anything because they're building three or four of them. When it turns into production, and they're building millions, things change a lot from a capability standpoint. Korf: To wrap up on notes, when I was in Asia, my team would bring me a note and say, "What does this mean?" Think about it: You might have an engineer in France who speaks French and puts in a note in English, and I don't know if they've learned British English or other varia- tions. It then goes to someone in China whose native language is not English. What English did they learn when they read the note? The problem with notes is that sometimes, it's not clear if you speak the native language what it is a person is asking. As Kelly just said, if you assume, you're going to assume wrong, and you're dead. Shaughnessy: This has been great. Thanks for speaking with us. Korf: Thank you, Andy. DESIGN007

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