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4 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2020 Defects cost you resources. They cascade through the product's life cycle and can affect your company's reputation. Businesses lose money when they burn extra resources, like labor, capacity, employee morale, and potential customer liability. This month, we ask the question, "What are the best methodologies for maximizing manufacturing reliability?" RELIABILITY: AS SURE AS THE SUN RISES Robustness Is Not the Same as Reliability Interview with Bob Neves Ensuring Definitive Manufacturing Reliability Interview with Russ Steiner The Value of the Last One Percent by Andrew Scheuermann How to Find Reliability on Box Build Assembly Interview with Roger Malmrose and Lilia Castro Monsoon Solutions: Achieve Greatest Reliability With Optimized Panelization, Part 1 Interview with Jennifer Kolar and Dan Warren 2020 IPC High-Reliability Virtual Forum Review Denny Fritz Unpacks Weak Interface and Stacked Microvia Reliability Gerry Partida Emphasizes Current Concerns Over Microvia Failures FEATURE COLUMN: Reliability Starts at the Bottom by Eric Camden 10 28 40 54 64 103 114 122 20 SEPTEMBER 2020 • FEATURED CONTENT Edited by Happy Holden

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