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6 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2020 SHORTS: Eight Ways to Create Transformational DNA in Your Organization Integrated Lightwave Electronics How Airplanes Counteract St. Elmo's Fire During Thunderstorms Lean Digital Thread: Data-Driven Decisions and Micro-Solutions in Manufacturing DEPARTMENTS: Career Opportunities I-007e Educational Resource Center Advertiser Index & Masthead ARTICLES: Improving Tech Support During a Pandemic Interview with Quintin Armstrong 90% Solder Dross Recovery: Eliminate Waste, Save Money Interview with Jay Hardin Can All Liquid Fluxes Work Well on a Reflowed OSP Pad Finish? by Ansuman Das COLUMNS: Racing Toward Reliability by Nolan Johnson How to Audit OEM-EMS Assembly Capability, Part 1 by Rad Prasad PCB Rework of 0201 Packages by Bob Wettermann HIGHLIGHTS: MilAero007 Market Supplier Top 10 from 46 74 84 8 92 98 44 72 82 134 SEPTEMBER 2020 • ADDITIONAL CONTENT 27 39 91 96 137 146 147 74 84

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