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54 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2020 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team The I-Connect007 Editorial Team spoke to Roger Malmrose and Lilia Castro of Green Cir- cuits about reliability in box build and how changing customer requirements affects the process qualification to ensure reliable build quality. Nolan Johnson: We're looking for your per- spective on reliability in manufacturing. One of the things that Green Circuits seems to do very well is reliability in box build. We'd love to talk about the current developments, chal- lenges, and trends in box build reliability from your perspective. Let's start with your back- ground and an introduction to the company, and then we can talk more about box build. Roger Malmrose: My first introduction to the industry was at Avex Electronics, where I ran the advanced technology group and Bra- zil group. Then, I went to Flextronics and was there for four years, followed by running the Pemstars site in San Jose. That shut down when they sold to Benchmark. Next, I started Piranha EMS, which was also in San Jose, and I worked in mechanicals for a bunch of years. I met Joe O'Neil, CEO of Green Circuits, a number of years ago, but we connected last year and talked about what we were both doing. He said, "We need someone to run the operations at Green Circuits. Would you be interested?" I was commuting at the time and said, "Let's talk." I came on board as the COO last November, and I'm currently the presi- dent-COO of the company. Lilia Castro: And I'm a quality manager. I'm also quite new to Green Circuits. My expertise is on the SMT side, in addition to QMS, so I can speak to management systems for quality control. Malmrose: As far as Green Circuits goes, his- torically, it has been a full-service EMS. At one point last year, we built 3,000 fully assembled, direct fulfillment chassis per week for a Tier 1 network equipment manufacturer. It involved doing the PCBA, board-level test, system build, system-level test, box build, direct fulfillment How to Find Reliability in Box Build Assembly

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