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OCTOBER 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 17 Feinberg: I just got through doing a build a few months ago with one of the new AMD chips, which is 24 threads. The challenge that I have, as a chiplet user, is temperature control. I had to go liquid cooling; it was not even a choice. Horner: There are many challenges in multi-die package integration. Integrating multi-die in a package is not a new thing. It has been around for decades. In the past, there were very few devices that we were integrating, with very few connections between them. These were small designs compared to the multi-die systems in a package product that we see today. As more devices are included in a package, solution yield is reduced by the yield of each device multiplied. A single die in a package may have 99% yield, but then when you add one more device in the package, which may have 80% yield, you're talking about 80% times 99%, and your yield goes further down. By adding more devices, you're not helping the yield in that angle. Different applications have various needs. That's why there are so many different types of interfaces. There are I/Os that require thou- sands of wires for one link connection. With the HBM interface for connection to the HBM memory stack, there needs to be 1,000+ die- to-die connections to one memory stack. In addition, these signals need to be shielded, which adds another level of complexities. Feinberg: AMD is a leader in that area. I've always been kind of an Intel fan, but AMD seems to be leading. They seem to have got- ten a good grasp on seven-nanometer geom- etries, where Intel is still struggling with any- thing smaller than 10 nanometers. Horner: AMD no longer has their own inter- nal fab. They depend on all their foundry and packaging partners. SMT007 Editor's Note: Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 in the October Design007 and PCB007 Magazines, respectively. Andy Shaughnessy speaks with Michael Ford, senior director of emerging industry strategy for Aegis Software, about its newest concept—Ontology—which the company will discuss during SMTAI. He also explains how Ontology relates to the company's existing MES products, as well as how it dovetails with the digital twin process. (View more at Real Time with… SMTAI 2020 virtual.) Real Time with… SMTAI: Aegis Software

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