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24 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 densities. My guess is that the design function is going to be subsumed by the system-level packaging and substrate people rather than the PCB industry. Holden: We don't have a roadmap, but it is also important to emphasize the other end of the spectrum. I believe in disposable electronics and printed electronics, such as a wristband that you can throw away when you're done using it. It would be made out of paper but designed with a five-cent chip to communicate with my smartphone and collect the informa- tion my doctor wants. Then it would upload data to AI that makes conclusions and tells my doctor to give me a call to come in if it doesn't like what it's seeing. Wesling: It's printed roll to roll and extremely cheap, almost like a newspaper. Holden: That's where some of our people in PCB manufacturing or flex will decide to invest in that part of the developing market. Johnson: Thank you for your time, Paul. I hope you had a great time. Wesling: This has been fun. SMT007 by Sagi Reuven SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES In past columns, I've written about topics mostly related to the shop floor, including (1) data collection and the basic questions you can answer, (2) material management and its impact, and (3) data-driven decisions and micro-solutions in manufacturing. In my September column, I planned to present a few micro-solutions for electronics manufacturing, but I've decided to "swim upstream" or simply to shift left. It is clear to everyone in the Industry 4.0 era that the holy grail is to close the loop between design and manufacturing. Mergers and acquisitions of billions of dollars were initi- ated to support this vision. In this column, I will talk about design for manufacturing (DFM). To read the full column, click here. Sagi Reuven is a business development manager for the electronics industry, Siemens Digital Industries. Download your free copy of the book The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Advanced Manufacturing in the Digital Age from Mentor, a Siemens Business, and visit I-007eBooks. com for other free, educational titles. You can also view Siemens' free, 12-part, on-demand webinar series "Imple- menting Digital Twin Best Practices From Design Through Manufacturing." Lean Digital Thread: DFM Is Now as Easy as Spellcheck Sagi Reuven Figure 2: AMD Fiji GPU-HBM Si Interposer 2.5D Package. (Source: ASE)

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