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56 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 it's not necessarily your job doesn't mean you shouldn't know it. I don't know all the details of assembly. I've been doing this for a long time, but I have people like Jen and project managers who I lean on. There's still that gap between the two, and I still have to have a gen- eral idea of what's going on. If you don't, then you're really setting yourself up for a fail. It may be a year down the road, but you're going to make a huge mistake because you weren't paying attention at some point. Kolar: A lot of times, our customers provide their own libraries and footprints rather than having us build them. Dan has said that if it's a part that's going to be hard to rework in assembly, he will double check that foot- print. He checks a lot of the connectors, as those are common points for mistakes. Even though that's not been asked, we've found a number of issues that way. The board will be useless if this part doesn't work. Take the extra time to check those parts, even if that wasn't asked. That's one of the things Dan has talked about doing on all of his projects that I really appreciate. Warren: I'm pretty picky about library parts. Kolar: That's where the most mistakes are when you get to assembly. Johnson: Not the layout or the placement, but also all the subtleties about footprints and sizing. Kolar: Don't forget keep-outs. That's where you're really dead in the water if you have the wrong footprint, and on the right one, the part is bigger than what you have on the board, or it's a sensitive part, signal wise, and you can't rework it back in. Johnson: Thank you for your time. Warren: Absolutely. Kolar: You bet. SMT007 Insituware's expertise in materials control and measurement brings innovative handheld measurement devices to the manufacturing floor. Nolan Johnson and Michael Frederickson discuss how these new devices contribute to accuracy, compliance, and real-time process optimization—all key factors in the smart factory environment. (View more at Real Time with… SMTAI 2020 virtual.) Real Time with… SMTAI: Insituware

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