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88 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 1 Lean Digital Thread: Data-Driven Decisions and Micro-Solutions in Manufacturing E In past columns, Sagi Reuven has written about two pillars: (1) data collection and the basic questions you can answer, and (2) material management and its impact. In this column, he discusses the next level—changing the mind- set from reporting to analytics and focusing on making small improvements. 2 What Is Digital Twin Technology, and Why Is It So Important? E Happy Holden describes how Siemens' 12-part webinar series, "Implementing Digital Twin Best Practices From Design Through Manufacturing," is an excellent series designed to edu- cate the electronic manufactur- ing engineer on the progress of using a digital thread to improve products and performance. 3 Quest for Reliability: Reliability Starts at the Bottom E It is much cheaper to perform product-specific reliability test- ing before the product goes into the field. Eric Camden shares some testing recommendations based on failure analysis, as well as lessons learned from a few of our cus- tomers over the years using case studies and data on failed units. 4 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: FCBGA Packaging Enters PCB Microelectronics Assembly E The demand for smaller cir- cuitry and packaging, as well as ever-shrinking PCB real estate, have continually pushed PCB assembly and manufacturing protocols. Part of these tech- nological advances involves a combination of flip-chip and BGA (FCBGA) packaging. Zulki Khan explains the importance of FCBGAs. Editor's Picks from Eric Camden Sagi Reuven Happy Holden Zulki Khan

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