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OCTOBER 2020 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 11 of Cadence Design Systems discusses the com- pany's move toward creating the next genera- tion of more electrically-aware PCB designers, and Leigh Gawne of Altium provides a road- map for the company and the Altium 365 plat- form, in particular. Carey Burkett and Mark Finstad of Flexible Circuit Technologies share their thoughts on the direction of the company and some of the trends and challenges likely to face flex designers and manufacturers over the next few years. And Joe Fjelstad explains why technology roadmaps are so vital to tech- nologists working to develop the processes of tomorrow. We also have columns from Barry Olney, Kelly Dack, John Coonrod, John Talbot, Jade Bridges, and Matt Stevenson and Bob Tise. If you missed the virtual SMTA Interna- tional 2020 show, don't worry. Visit Real Time with… SMTAI 2020 and check out our video interviews with the top engineers, managers, and executives who attended this event. Stay safe, and see you next month. DESIGN007 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 20 years. He can be reached by clicking here. of smaller, fully functioning PCBs? This takes DFM and DFT to a new level as well. This is another example of the "blurring of the lines" concept that IPC President and CEO John Mitchell discussed in a recent installment of "Just Ask John Mitchell." The move to het- erogeneous integrated modules won't be an overnight, quantum leap in technology devel- opment, but it will be disruptive. For this month's issue on technology road- maps, we bring you several interviews with HIR contributors. Rita Horner of Synopsys offers a great overview of the HIR and the effects of heterogeneous integration on the technology of the future. Paul Wesling of IEEE explains the creative process that leads to the development of the 584-page, 23-chapter HIR. Dr. José Schutt-Aine, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Illinois, takes us through his chapter in the HIR and explains how PCB designers can facilitate co-design at the IC and package level. And Jeff Demmin of Keysight Technologies discusses the effects of heterogeneous integration on the military and aerospace segments. We also have a conversation with Todd Westerhoff of Mentor, a Siemens Business, who details the company's plans for the high- speed design tools of the future. Michael Nopp

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