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72 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2020 Article Edited by Happy Holden I-CONNECT007 At the IPC High-Reliability Forum, Marc Carter gave a presentation on a study that cov- ered stacked microvia/weak interface reliabil- ity. I have assembled the highlights of Marc's presentation, including the transcript, which has been slightly edited for clarity. Marc Carter is the president and owner of Aeromarc LLC, as well as an I-Connect007 columnist. He has worked in the electron- ics interconnection industry since 1984 in a variety of roles in fabrication and assembly materials, processes, environmental com- pliance, and supply chain management ac- tivities around the world. Marc has had the honor and privilege of working with and learning from many of the true giants of this industry in multiple functions over many years. His experience includes a major mil- aero OEM, field and development work at material suppliers to the printed circuit in- dustry, and an educational stint as the sole proprietor of a manufacturer's agency repre- senting multiple high-tech mil-aero material suppliers. Background I am going to outline a project that a number of us in the industry have undertaken, recog- nizing the lack of publicly shared information that has been commented on several times. In- tended as a tool in guiding our future designs and procurement, this stacked microvia and weak interface reliability study is a three-year, three-phase iterative industry and academia collaborative research project. The methodology we undertook does not try to look at everything. We did not try to "boil the ocean," and we wanted to approach it in manageable stages, each providing some im- mediately useful knowledge, revising subse- quent stages based on what is learned. Here are some of the team participants that we are working with at this point: • Fabrication: Calumet Electronics and Electrotek Corporation • Simulation: ANSYS (Sherlock) • Statistics: Michigan Technological University (MTU), electrical and computer engineering • Test: Foresite Inc. and Robisan Laboratory • Project facilitation: Aeromarc LLC Stacked Microvia / Weak Interface Reliability Study

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