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54 SMT007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2020 Significant benefits are already achievable, with the risk of non-added value investment eliminated—for example, in middleware and locked proprietary solutions. It is altogether great support for a manufacturing business strategy for success as we come to terms with increased global challenges, promoting flexi- ble, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and profitable local manufacturing. SMT007 Michael Ford is the senior director of emerging industry strategy for Aegis Software. To read past columns or contact Ford, click here. smart factory shopping budget, justified as being of direct contribution to manufacturing, with an expectation that actual defect rates become very close to zero over a reasonable period. If we are to truly embrace the potential of smart factories, we need to be able to utilize the latest revolutionary steps forward in tech- nology that the industry has seen with stan- dards-driven IIoT data exchange in the form of CFX, for instance, which virtually eliminate the costs of data acquisition. The use of IIoT-based machine-learning, closed-loop line learning— as well as contextualization of big data at the factory layer through the use of IIoT-driven MES solutions based on built-in ontology—are all things that are available now. by Sagi Reuven SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES I have previously written about top- ics related mostly to the shop floor, but my last column swam upstream and covered design for manufacturing. To make this list whole, I need to cover the phase between design to manufactur- ing: process engineering or simply new product introduction (NPI). In this column, I will describe why this is an important phase and how process engineers can make a big difference. In my view, both terms are too simple to describe this phase. I would also like to focus on the dol- lar sign—the bill of materials (BOM). Approximately 75% of the product cost is just the parts on the BOM. To read the full column, click here. Sagi Reuven is a business devel- opment manager for the electron- ics industry, Siemens Digital Industries. Download your free copy of the book The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Advanced Manufacturing in the Digital Age from Mentor, a Siemens Business, and visit I-007eBooks. com for other free, educational titles. You can also view Siemens' free, 12-part, on-demand webinar series "Imple- menting Digital Twin Best Practices From Design Through Manufacturing." Lean Digital Thread: Accelerating Global NPI

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