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8 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2020 NOVEMBER 2020 • CONTENTS FLEX007 FEATURE: Five Ways Rigid-Flex Is Driving Global Innovation by Chris Clark FLEX007 COLUMNS: A Brief History of Electrical Vias in PCBs by Joe Fjelstad Future Flex Circuits as Robot Skin Sensors by John Talbot Next-Generation Flex Circuits: Printable Is Compatible With Flexible by Dominique K. Numakura HIGHLIGHTS: Flex007 FLEX007 SHORTS: Notion Systems, PV Nano Cell Partner in Digital Printed Electronics Ynvisible Delivers Roll-to-Roll Printed Scoreboard Displays to Pickletech Flexible and rigid-flex circuits offer a variety of advantages over their rigid brethren. But there are dozens of potential hurdles awaiting flex designers, especially those transitioning from the rigid world. Designing vias for a flexible circuit is a unique process with its own set of challenges. This Month in Flex 86 82 90 96 94 89 98 FLEX 90 82 96 86

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